the artist

Segregio’s visions.
By Roberto Evangelista.

“Visionary, his paintings move us to other experiences of plans and senses, instigating us to investigate our power to mentalize and dream, cosmic dimensions and the infinite of the dream. Their visions never |alienate us from the context, though undefined from reality, but they remind us of the intimacy of Mother Nature, her vibratory flows, and torrents of energy, providing a magical interaction of the gaze with the fullness of feeling.

His refined technique is at the service of a process that leaves us perplexed and amazed at what the artist re-harvests: from his imagination as an instrument of knowledge and as identification with the invisible of the world. And who more than the artist to ascend to this degree of contact with nature, visualizing its subtlest emanations? Who else to translate the pictorial wonders from their moments of asceticism? Who more than the artist to make the light shine in our retinas so lacking in real luminosity?” Full text in portuguese

Roberto Evangelista – Plastic artist, participated in several national and international Biennials.

Artista Alexandre Luiz pintando
Alexandre Luiz Segregio

The artist

I am Brazilian, I was born in the city of Matias Barbosa MG, on February 13, 1959. In 1974, I started my first artistic works and studies. I developed several styles in painting, predominantly visionary and realism.

I try to promote through my paintings a dialogue and relationship that exists in the human conception with nature, recognizing and receiving the strength, magic, and beauty that emanates from it. In a highly immediate and superficial world, I invite you to “dive” into detail in depth, in order to “rescue” and “reconnect” with nature and its essence.

My wish is that these reflections can generate an “awakening” of the importance of each one in the preservation of the planet. I dedicate myself to detailing the richness and magnitude that exists in nature. It is my way of recognizing, being grateful and having love for nature.
In the journey to improve my work, I carry out field research. I have a habit of visiting places where there are forests, where nature is more preserved. Faced with this panorama is that currently, I look for inspirations and portraiture on my large canvases, nature as it is.

I place myself in the place of apprentice of life and I have been perceiving, feeling the dimension of a greater force that rules the universe that we call God, and it is with this Grand Master that I try to tune in and put myself in the place of receiving inspiration for my visionary paintings.

For a long time, I signed my name and surname as Alexandre Segrégio, for a very simple and valuable reason for me. Now, I am signing as Alexandre Luiz Segrégio, for the recognition of my mother, Izabel, who introduced me to the people by my composite name. It was she who taught me with her examples to connect me in the spiritual, which motivated me, supported and helped my entrance and training in artistic painting and become what I am today.

I also want to express my gratitude to my wife for all that we have spent together, her love for our family, and for giving me the necessary support so that I can always improve my work.

Dona Isabel - pencil drawing - 1974

artistic curriculum

Permanent Exhibitios:

-2005 Ateliê / Gallery Alexandre Luiz Segrégio – Aclimação São Paulo SP – Photos from Ateliê / Gallery.

-2019 Fine Art of the work Águas de Bueno Brandão I (PA), enters the cultural collection of the Municipality of Castelo de Vide – Portugal


-1978-design-Theme “you are also responsible for Peace” Lions Club-1 (bronze medal)-Pouso Alegre MG. 

– 1988 Caricatures-free theme-Itaúclube Foundation, National-Level in 1989 3rd place 1st place.

– 2010 at LAUDERDALE HOUSE ART (one of the most important historical and Cultural centres, in England (London-UK), was awarded a Bronze Medal with the theme: figurative with the work “Indian Ijasó”


-1995 “Shaman’s Drum ‘ ´ illustrated matter c/8 internal pictures and verse against the cover-Ashland, OR – 1996 – Illustrated text of Jimmy Weiskopf” Ayahuasca Vision “to the Shaman’s Drum ´ magazine the Journal Of Experiential Shamanism (Canada-USA) , having his work depicted also in the back of the magazine and on the inside (Gallery of the magazine).. – 2000 – work on the cover of the magazine Village. – 2008 – 10 works to illustrate text of AnneliseSchinzinger “Enlightened by Ayahuasca: Enchanted journeys with the Sacred Tea to the Shaman’s Drum ´ magazine the Journal Of Experiential Shamanism (Canada-USA), having his work depicted also in the back of the magazine and on the inside (Gallery of the magazine).

Illustrations of book covers: 

– Publisher Saraiva-“long live Poetry Alive”-“life Surprises”- Nobel Publisher“Redefining the soul of the company”-“end of the beginning of the work” Job -“Total quality health services”-“the sword and the pen” – Publisher Master Book-“in the heart of the Fire”- Publisher Cristális -“a friendly word” – Publisher Madras – “Rite of Prosperity and power” -“the adventures of Young Krishna” -“the great Hindu God Ganesh” -“Indian” Legends -“Bodies of light”-“Mary Magdalene” -“The seven rays” -” Inquisition in the light of the spiritist doctrine ” -” Wizards of Machu Picchu ” -” Obsessors how to get rid of them ” -” the occult”.


– 1974 – began his studies of drawing and painting, with the architect, sculptor and Visual artist Spanish Celestino Roy Artigas-which held several architectural projects of religious art in churches and cathedrals in southern Minas Gerais.

1983/88 – Full Degree in Fine Arts-Faculty of Arts/São Paulo Historia Universal Centro Cultural São Paulo.

2002 – Kabbalah in the Kabbalah Study Center directris line Rav Berg and Karen Berg, level 3, administered by Rabbi Josepf Saltoun.
2005 – Landscaping at EPP – Escola Paulista de Paisagismo São Paulo Capital SP and all courses at Viveiro Manequinho Lopes – Parque Ibirapuera SP
2012 – Numerology in the Workshop of the Soul with the numerologist Márcio Mussel
2012 – Workshop with Alex Gray and Allyson Gray – INTERARTE Visionary art Show and collective exhibition with Alex Gray, Chacara Sta Cecília São Paulo SP

Alexandre Luiz Segregio - 1981


Individual exhibitions

1979 – Municipal Conservatory-individual Pouso Alegre-MG
1980 – Teatro Municipal-Pouso Alegre-MG
1984 – Deivanir Residence Adebanjo-São Paulo-SP
1986 – Cultural Space Freitas Bastos-São Paulo-SP-Brazilian Union of writers-São Paulo-SP
1988 – “fragments of nature”-the Cultural Centre of São Paulo-SP
1993 – Atelier Jú Royal Court-São Paulo-SP “Date with Amazon”- SIBI-SPORT Academy-SP
1994 – art roomof brother hood Pax Universal-São Paulo-SP
– Legislative Assembly of the State of São Paulo- SP
1995 – Espaço Cultural Caixa Econômica Federal, Gustavo-SP
– Village Cultural Space of Caixa Econômica Federal,
Divinópolis-MG Jorge Cunha Cultural space, San Marcos University São Paulo (SP)
1996 – Firedworks Gallery, Alamosa, CO-USA Cultural Jorge Cunha,
Universidade São Marcos-São Paulo-SP-Fundação Getúlio Vargas
1997 – EAESP-Sao Paulo-SP Cultural Space of Nossa Caixa Bank Cambucí-SP, 1998.
1998 – SENAC-Santana, São Paulo-SP
1999 – English culture Unit of Santo André SP
2000 – English culture Unit Santana, São Paulo-SP
2001 – Shopping Center Light, São Paulo-SP
2004 – “4th Festival water in the 3rd millenium, Hotel Caxambu, Caxambu
2005 – Mall Studio Five, Manaus-AM Hotel Ariau jungle, Manaus-AM
-Studio/Gallery Alexander Segrégio, permanent, São Paulo-SP
2006 – Caixa Econômica Federal Cambuci, São Paulo-SP
2007 – Caixa Econômica Federal Cambuci, São Paulo-SP
2008 – Houseof OAB-Santo Amaro, São Paulo SESC South Station 504-Brasília-DF
2009 – art exhibition of theIrs/Pacaembu-São Paulo SP
2013 – exhibition atart gallery “Doors of Perception” during the
Festival Condor Eagle High 2013 Paraiso de Goias-Brazil
2017 – “The air of Cantareira” – Individual at Glen Arte – Curator Maria dos Anjos Oliveira
– Shopping Iguatemi Alphaville, Barueri – SP

2019 –- “A New Look” – participation of sculptor Wagner Ribeiro – exhibit at the Cultural Space Musician Carolina Platcheck Ulson – São Paulo – SP

Collective exhibitions

1978 – Theme “You is also responsible for peace” Lions Club-1 (bronze medal)-Pouso Alegre MG
1979 – II Semana de Arte “-Pouso Alegre-MG Hall of the Teatro Municipal-Pouso Alegre-MG
1985 – Orphanage Educandário baby Jesus-Mercy-Brazilian Union of writersLounge-SP-São Paulo-SP
1986 – collection of the Museum of Arts of Brzil-Paraíba-IV
1988 – ENARC (meeting of art and creativity)-Centro Cultural de São Paulo-SP -Cartoons-free theme-Itaúclube Foundation National level
1989 – 3rd place-Cartoons-free theme-Itaúclube Foundation, National-Level 1st placed
1993 – House of Anima-SãoPaulo-SP
1995 – International Conference of studies of Ayahuasca, Hotel Glória Rio de Janeiro RJ
1996 – Atelier Jú Corte Real-São Paulo-SP- Blue Space Art Gallery São Paulo-SP
– II Spring Lounge – Library Pedro da Silva Nava-São Paulo –Firedworks Gallery-Alamosa- Blue space art gallery São Paulo-SP
– Venture art gallery-São Paulo-SP
1997-Blue Space Art Gallery São Paulo-SP
1998-Earth art and Magic art gallery -Sao Caetano-SP
1999 – Venture art gallery-São Paulo-SP
2000 Venture art gallery-São Paulo-SP-“Brazil 500 years” Cultural Space saves time Santo Amaro-SP
2004 – Brazilian Art Gallery , São Paulo-SP
2006 – Galerie Patrick Bugain, Honfleur-France Lordello Gobbi and Arts Office-São Paulo-SP-42nd fine arts Conference
– Cultural Centre Tao Sigulda , Jarinú-SP
2007 – 43rd Press Conference of plasticarts-Cultural Centre Tao Sigulda , Jarinú-SP- 44th collective of plasticarts
– Cultural Centre Tao Sigulda , Jarinú-SP
2008-45th Conference of plasticarts
– Cultural Centre Tao Sigulda , Jarinú-SP
– IV Congress of União do Vegetal and II International Congress of Hoasca in Brasilia DF
– Firedworks Gallery-Alamosa, CO-USA 2010-XV-International Circuit of Brazilian art- Berlin/Germany-BERLIN AM MEER GALLERYPrague/CZECH REPUBLIC-DOLMEN Paço Municipal GALLERY-Amparo-SP
– Belvedere Paraty contemporary art Award-Paraty-RJ-III Mostra Internacional de Arte Brasileira in London-UK/LAUDERDALE HOUSE ART CENTRE-Bronze Award/theme: Indian speech. 1st Hall of OC
– 1 Arts national Salon of contemporary art-Campinas SP-“Being A Mother … ” Novotel Sao Paulo Jaragua Conventions
2012-Interarte VisionaryArt Show with Alex andA llyson Grey-on Farm Sta Cecilia São Paulo
– Works carried out to date signed Alexandre Segrégio
2014 – “World Cup” Novotel Sao Paulo Jaragua Conventions.
2015 – Contemporary Expressions in Espacio Uruguay, AV. Paulista Sao Paulo.-Exhibition-Studio Jockey atthe Jockey Club de São Paulo-the edge of In finity in the Espacio Uruguay, AV. Paulista Sao Paulo.
– Green Art Show – Hebrew Club – São Paulo-SPECTRUM-MIAMI ART SHOW 5th Edition-Miami FL
2016 – Tribute to the Olympics – Espacio Uruguay – Curator Maria dos Anjos Oliveira – Av Paulista São Paulo SP
– Olympiads with – Art, Gallery N1 – Shopping N1 – Curator Maria dos Anjos Oliveira – Búzios – RJ
– Olympiads with Art, Angels Art Gallery, – Curator Maria dos Anjos Oliveira,Shopping Cassiano Atlântico
– Copacabana Rio de Janeiro RJ- Brazilian Artists at Carrousel do Louvre – Paris – Curator Maria dos Anjos Oliveira
2017 – Gallery of Porto – Póvoa de Varzim, Porto – Portugal
– II Brazilian Art Exhibition “Signs of the Future” in Liechtenstein – Vaduzer Saal Liechtenstein.

2018 – Joh Mabe Space Art and Culture – “Looking Beyond” Curated by Maria dos Anjos Oliveira. Av Brigadeiro Luiz Antônio São Paulo SP
– Espaço Pacaembu 1849 – How is your chair? Curated by Maria dos Anjos Oliveira – Pacaembu Avenue – São Paulo SP

2019 – Fine Art of the work Águas de Bueno Brandão I (PA), enters the cultural collection of the Municipality of Castelo de Vide – Portugal
– Summer Prelude in Portugal – at Porto Art Gallery, promoted by Anjos Art Gallery – Porto – Portugal.
– Prelude – Rosa Pereira Gallery, promoted by Anjos Art Gallery – Portimão, Algarve – Portugal.

– “Beyond Borders” – Curated by Maria dos Anjos at Anjos Art Gallery in Porto – Portugal.
– Salon Art Shopping, Le Carrousel du Louvre – Curated by Maria dos Anjo – Paris

2021 – WONDERLAND 2021 Artists and Designers Competition, in Venice.

– Wonderland 2021 Virtual Exhibition – See the exhibition.


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